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Nurturing a community of data professionals in the UK who champion the value of data management

Past Webinars

Webinar - And They All Lived Happily Ever After- Fairy Tales, Parables and Data

Webinar - Banking on Data Governance - Simon Barrows

Webinar - Basic Concepts of Data Governance - Nicola Askham


Webinar - Beyond data - capturing the business context of data - Patrick Dewald

Webinar - Big Data Landscape for Databases - Rich Reimer, Splice Machine

Webinar - Championing the Data Model Scorecard® within your Organization

Webinar - Creating a Synthetic API to any web application in just minutes - Dominic Dunkley

Webinar - Data Modelling is NOT just for DBMS’s - Chris Bradley

Webinar - Developing Information Apprenticeships: The Castlebridge Experience

Webinar - Driving Big Data Success with Master Data (and vice-versa) - François-Xavier “FX” Nicolas

Webinar - Exploring the relationship between Data Architecture and Data Governance - Nicola Askham

Webinar - Fast Data - the new Big Data - Peter Vescuso CMO - VoltDB

Webinar - Get the Edge: A Framework for Information Governance Success - Nigel Turner

Webinar - Getting Ready for GDPR Post-Brexit: Issues, Risks, & Opportunities

Webinar - How to Build RealTime Streaming Analytics with In-memory, Scale-out SQL Database Ryan Bett

Webinar - Pragmatic Data Architecture - Dagna Gaythorpe

Webinar - Project Management & Data Governance - Are you really in control? - Kiran Gill

Webinar - QFire Validator - 20160114

Webinar - Structuring your information management career path - kdr Recruitment

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